Phillips Magnet Elementary School Leadership, Engineering, Art Design (LEAD) 

Grades TK-5
Matt Manning, Principal
1210 Shetler Ave.
Napa, CA 94558


The new Phillips Magnet School offers a distinctive STEM program resulting in a unique identity for a Leadership, Engineering, Art Design (LEAD) school. Students will develop skills for Design Thinking and shift habits of mind for Leadership skills in: persisting; thinking flexibly; creating, imagining, innovating; finding humor; and applying past knowledge to new situations. The LEAD students of the magnet school will develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders in their communities. 

A Technology Applications Lab will allow students to work on long term collaborative projects which involve the use of tools and materials not typically found in an elementary classroom. Students will plan, design, construct, test and redesign models and projects as part of the Engineering Design Process in a space that allows for creativity and collaboration. A Design Art Lab will allow students to participate in integrated arts and engineering experiences that will enhance the classroom projects and lessons. Students will participate in inquiry art and engineering projects using authentic arts materials and technology equipment just like artist and engineer practitioners. Fieldtrips, in each grade, will increase access to out-of-school STEM learning experiences to expose students to STEM opportunities.

Phillips Magnet Elementary School has a unique professional learning community among teachers and staff. Teachers meet daily to jointly plan instruction in grade level teams. They also participate in weekly, all-staff professional development on key topics, including creating a positive school and classroom climate, effective communication, and understanding of issues around poverty and cultural diversity. Many teachers co-teach, and all teachers use teacher collaborative time to look at student data, using it to inform their instruction. Phillips teachers and staff model the lifelong learning and behavior skills we are seeking to instill in our students.

As Leaders, students will participate in authentic inquiry based learning STEM projects to better understand that diverse teams, with a collection of individual experiences, backgrounds, and cultures, can better view problems and challenges from a wide variety of lenses.

The 6 C's

Critical Thinking
Citizenship (global)