Silverado Middle School
Grades 6-8
Jen Kohl, Principal
1133 Coombsville Rd.
Napa, CA 94558

At Silverado Middle School, our mission is to maximize every student's academic potential and personal responsibility. To this end, we offer a number of different levels of support through our Pyramid of Student Support. In reference to the pyramid below:

  • TIER 1 includes all programs and instruction available to all students, such as powerful daily instruction in all content areas and open tutorials.
  • TIER 2 becomes more targeted to specific student needs, such as: required tutorial, required homework help (ZAP), after school intervention, parent/teacher conferences.
  • TIER 3includes student study team meetings, intensive daily interventions in Language Arts and/or Math, alternative placements, and possible special education testing, if all other levels of support are not working.
The 6 C's

Critical Thinking
Citizenship (global)