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Napa Valley Unified School District 2019-2020 Open Enrollment Application system

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All Napa Valley Unified School District resident students (not currently enrolled in a Napa Valley School) must register at the student's school of residence to be eligible for Open Enrollment. Registration does not apply to River Charter School.

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Applicants who receive approval must accept or decline enrollment offers within 48 hours of notification (AR5116.2). If approved, an open enrolled student becomes a student of the "school of choice". Once approved, the student does not have an automatic right to return to his/her original school of residence. If the student desires to return to the original school of residence, the parent/guardian must reapply through the annual open enrollment process.

The parent/guardian of a successful open enrollment applicant must provide transportation to and from their open enrolled school of choice. However, as part of a federal grant, resident students of McPherson and Shearer are eligible for transportation to Willow Magnet School.

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